Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Frenemy

Today I was my own worst enemy at the gym and double unders were definitely The Frenemy of the night. Two vehement enemies that I hope do not cross my path again soon.

I had confidence that I was going to show those double unders who was boss and walk away with a 10 minute amrap during today's WOD. Boy was I wrong... I don't even know what time I ended exactly, but I know it was in the middle-to-high teens because I wanted to quit when I saw the clock at 14:44. Some people had already cleaned up their station and left when I entered on to my last round. Nothing gets you motivated but also deflates your confidence when people are drinking their protein shake and staring at you while you finish.

One thing I need to remember about CrossFit is that I'm not working out against anyone or anything, only myself and the goal I set entering in to the workout. All of this came right back to me when Khaki saw how upset I was and wanted to make sure I was okay. She reminded me that I'm still a CrossFit newbie and I am not going to defeat everything this early in the game. I need to stop focusing on the clock, just focus on busting my ass and getting through it, even if it takes 30 minutes to do. I'm not in a real competition so there's no reason to treat it like a race.

And most of all she reminded me that I Rx'd it. I didn't go easy on myself, I didn't take the easy way out, I didn't cheat. I have an Rx next to my name on the white board for everyone to see.

Though my Frenemy got the best of me today by taking down my spirits and kicking my butt in the workout, I know the next time it rears its ugly face I'm going to be there to tell it to suck it. If it takes me one minute for each double under I am going to do it with a great big smile on my face. As for my own worst enemy? She's grounded and won't return until I tell her she can come back out and wreak havoc again, which probably won't ever happen.

Note -- I ate all Paleo today and went for a run in the rain.


  1. Wish this was a facebook post so I could hit "LIKE" :) Great work RX'ing the WOD!!

  2. Thanks Becky! I know, I'm super excited about the Rx even though it kicked my butt in to the ground.