Monday, February 14, 2011

It's All Mental

You need to have a lot of strength and endurance to succeed in CrossFit, or to at least survive the WOD's that are scrawled on the whiteboard. You don't have to be Level 1 Certified to get through it, but you need to be physically able to endure the pain.

You also need to have the mental capability to take the WOD down as well. Today I did not have the mental strength to defeat Dead Cindy. I didn't even have the mental strength to sorta kick its ass because it kicked mine.

Today really was like any other day heading in to the gym and I even had the Scale Smash 2011 to look forward to at the end of the workout. However the minute I attempted the first deadlift I knew I was in for trouble. Everything went downhill from there with every deadlift or air squat.

I guess I let my personal struggles affect the way I was performing today. Every time I threw the 125lb of deadlift to the floor I said to the coach, "I'm just not feeling it today." With every failed attempt to lift the weight I thought about my "failed" attempts and struggles with life recently. Every airsquat I thought to myself, "you're unemployed" or "you cheated on your paleo diet" or something to the negative nature. I let myself beat myself up, Dead Cindy didn't even have to lift a finger.

Going forward I need to remember that I'm not always going to be on fire and I'm not always going to be a winner that day. Today should have been an extremely positive day for me because I have a good chance at an opportunity and I can finally begin my career. It's not exactly what I wanted, but when in life do you ever get exactly what you wanted? With every deadlift I should have remembered that statement and made that my personal mantra for the day. I need to stop beating myself up at every turn because I am kicking ass at life, no matter what the whiteboard or resume says. I guess sometimes I need to get my butt handed to me to remember that.

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