Monday, January 21, 2013

I'm Baaaack

Almost two full years off of blogging I'm ready to say I'm back! What's the motivation? Mostly to keep myself on track with my fitness and the fact I've received more than 3,400+ page views on an idle blog. Nothing is more motivating than knowing you're virtually popular, but doing nothing about it.

So here I am. Ready to entertain you.

Where am I now, for any of my potentially handful of readers? Well, I lived my life in hospitality PR and worked for a highly successful PR firm in Atlanta and learned all of the ins-and-outs of restaurant PR. I stood in four-inch heels at restaurant openings, I oversaw a photo shoot with Maxim magazine, I ate and ate and ate. It was the life. That life is over now as I move forward in my career and became Social Media Manager at an automotive marketing firm. Now I play on social media platforms all day, staring at beautiful cars, and get paid for it. Not the worst thing to happen to a girl like me...

Outside of my 9-5 I stay busy at my new local Crossfit gym - Crossfit HD.

Oh wait, I should probably tell you I tore my ACL too. Back in September 2011 I was acting a fool after the Buffalo Bills beat the New England Patriots. Since this fete was only comparable to pigs flying, Hell freezing over and the like, I decided I could pick up a guy roughly 6'2" and 180 pounds. I did, I achieved the goal, however my ACL paid the dear price. A night in the emergency room and a set of crutches later, I was informed I no longer had this vital piece of knee padding... Unfortunately my health insurance doesn't cover the surgery and especially the physical therapy, so now I wait until I either land a job with a better plan or marry into it. Time will tell!

Since blowing my knee I joined a new gym where the owner has the same injury as me (different cause though...) He helped me navigate the pain and frustration of a knee injury + Crossfit and today I continue to learn my cans and can'ts. This new gym is a much better fit for me and I've achieved more goals in the 12 months there than my previous gym. I guess blowing my knee out was a happy coincidence?

Well long story short... I'm  back, and ready to post some more. Victory stories, struggles, paleo recipes, you name it. I'll keep it updated.

Until then... go pick up something heavy.