Wednesday, April 27, 2011

5:45am is way too early for working out

Before I got in to the world of public relations, no one cared to inform me that my hours of operation were going to change a little bit and I'd be starting work at 7:00am sometimes or leaving the office at 9:30pm on a Friday night. Not that having a long day or late hours was new to me: I'm used to working and then socializing until twilight hours and running on about 6 hours of sleep. However, those were my social events that started at 7pm, not leaving the office AT 7pm. Besides, I never had a job that challenged me or motivated me as much as this does so the hours really aren't bugging me in the regards that I hate working, it's that I hate what it's done to my dayplanner.

Because of this drastic change in scheduling a few things happened:
1.) I've been eating dinner later which I do not like.
2.) I've had to cut way, way down on my participation in social activities.

The biggest social activity I had to cut down on and basically eliminate is my night time CrossFit workout. I'm especially disheartened by this because I miss seeing everyone in the gym and as a direct result of my sweaty face not being there I'm "accidentally" left off of event invites. The one time I did get an invitation for a birthday party I was stuck working until 9pm and missed the entire thing anyway... Woe is me.

In order to achieve my goal of keeping up with CrossFit and getting all $180 worth a month (unemployment benefits don't cover as much as you'd think) I've been attempting the 6am Dawn Patrol WOD.

Week One: made it to ONE workout.
Week Two: Made it to ZERO workouts.
Week Three: So far I've made it to two and I plan on going again tomorrow.

Desperate times/desperate measures left me giving the trainer my cell phone number and my schedule so if my grumpy ass isn't outside the gym by 6am I'll get a comforting and soothing phone call from her.

For right now I'm proud of myself for giving it another-go, but my REM cycle is not too pleased.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Wagon: I fell off it and now I'm back on it

I didn't realize it's been a full month since I last updated the blog, but with everything going on in my life I guess it really has been that long. I'm a fulltime intern with Company A and part time intern with Company B, plus I'm doing my best to XFit as often as possible. Add on top of that it's kickball season, the NHL playoffs start tomorrow (GO SABRES!), I've been babysitting and I'm still trying to keep up with social life, sleep, cleaning, and reading. Ya know, doing everything.

How am I doing on my path to being the best I can be? I guess I'm doing alright. I've been eating Paleo at a pretty consistent rate and I'm down a belt notch. I'm doing okay on my finances, but not as good as I should be at all! I put my entire tax return toward my credit card debt (score) and then decided it would be okay to re-charge a good chunk of it on clothes and accessories for the new job. It's an investment, right??

With everything I have on my plate right now I am trying to keep up with everything the best that I can. You can only focus on kicking ass at so many things before you are burnt out, over-extended, or half-assing. At the moment my primary focus is working and sleeping with a side of CrossFit.

Hey, I've started working out at 6am which is definitely something to be proud of!