Wednesday, April 27, 2011

5:45am is way too early for working out

Before I got in to the world of public relations, no one cared to inform me that my hours of operation were going to change a little bit and I'd be starting work at 7:00am sometimes or leaving the office at 9:30pm on a Friday night. Not that having a long day or late hours was new to me: I'm used to working and then socializing until twilight hours and running on about 6 hours of sleep. However, those were my social events that started at 7pm, not leaving the office AT 7pm. Besides, I never had a job that challenged me or motivated me as much as this does so the hours really aren't bugging me in the regards that I hate working, it's that I hate what it's done to my dayplanner.

Because of this drastic change in scheduling a few things happened:
1.) I've been eating dinner later which I do not like.
2.) I've had to cut way, way down on my participation in social activities.

The biggest social activity I had to cut down on and basically eliminate is my night time CrossFit workout. I'm especially disheartened by this because I miss seeing everyone in the gym and as a direct result of my sweaty face not being there I'm "accidentally" left off of event invites. The one time I did get an invitation for a birthday party I was stuck working until 9pm and missed the entire thing anyway... Woe is me.

In order to achieve my goal of keeping up with CrossFit and getting all $180 worth a month (unemployment benefits don't cover as much as you'd think) I've been attempting the 6am Dawn Patrol WOD.

Week One: made it to ONE workout.
Week Two: Made it to ZERO workouts.
Week Three: So far I've made it to two and I plan on going again tomorrow.

Desperate times/desperate measures left me giving the trainer my cell phone number and my schedule so if my grumpy ass isn't outside the gym by 6am I'll get a comforting and soothing phone call from her.

For right now I'm proud of myself for giving it another-go, but my REM cycle is not too pleased.

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