Thursday, February 10, 2011


I'm passionate, driven, goal-oriented and usually quite motivated.

I am also extremely impatient which tends to negate my above listed qualities. Why? Because I want success immediately. Life is too short to sit around and wait for your dreams to come true or take a big leap toward what you want in life. This is usually my life philosophy when it comes to boys, but right now I have put dating on the back burner and I'm focusing on my fitness. So this impatience is translating in to my frustration that I'm not looking the way I want to look. Yet.

After my WW expedition I weighed 150lb, a super skinny size for me and I was healthy, or so I thought. Right now I'm more at the 170lb weight and though I've got more muscle than I ever have, I'm not happy with the way that I look or what the scale tells me.

I KNOW, I KNOW, DO NOT look at the scale, I get it CrossFit, but I'm a girl and I do that. Since I started February Paleo I have lost 8lb in 10 days, but it's not enough for me. I'm still not fitting in to my Size 6 jeans and my thighs are still way too big for my liking. Khaki told me yesterday my face looks thinner, Meghan told me last week I'm thinning out on the sides and I have knocked down two notches on my belt in 10 days, but dammit I want more!

Every day is a battle to remember that it is going to be a slow process to get to my fitness peak, finally realize that I'm going to be a curvy girl and that's okay. I just don't want a Muffin Top anymore, is that so hard?

So I need someone to please talk to me, calm me down that although the results aren't immediately there, the results are coming slowly but surely.

Please tell me one day I'm going to be fit and sexy. Please?


  1. Take a deep breath and keep working as hard as you have. You will get that figure you desire!! We believe in you!!!

    Think of it this way. If you continue at your current weight loss rate of 8 lbs in 10 days, you'll be close to 150lbs in 20days and you'll hit 150 in 25 days. That's a pretty short time in the grand scheme of things.

    And get this - you will see HUGE gains in crossfit because as the weight falls off, you'll have less to pull up or push up. :)

  2. Tori, I completely agree with Christine's comment. It takes time. I don't want my muffin top any more then you. But you know what - I can now DL more weight, do a damn pull-up, and throw around a stupid 35# kettlebell.

    Progress is slow, but it's noticeable. Take before after/pics (that's what I did for the 30-day paleo challenge) and although when I looked in the mirror I thought I looked the way.

    Your changes will come. Keep working out and eating healthy. You are doing a great job! Also, you've got a good support system behind you!

    I'm frustrated too! I wanted that flat stomach by Hawaii...didn't get I want it by St. Thomas...not gonna happen. But as long as you feel good about yourself (and knowing that you can kick someone else's ass) that's pretty awesome!

  3. Patience is key, Tori. Keep doing what you are doing, that crazy crossfit thing! and eating healthy. You will get there! You are beautiful! There will be days that you will feel like crap, trust me, I still do! When I'm feeling frumpy, I make myself smile and shake my booty! So proud of you!

  4. Thanks everyone for the encouragement!

    Christine -- you're right, if I keep at this pace I will definitely be close to my dream size. And even if it's not exactly 150lb on the scale I'll definitely have a thinner, more toned body with muscle. I want to see my muscle definition on my arms.

    Becky -- I took before pics and I cannot wait for the after pics. I also have noticed I'm lifting the weight easier and recovering way faster. You're right, I should focus on not just how I look but how I'm doing in the gym.

    Vicky -- You're right, I should start shaking my booty haha Thanks for tracking my progress and the encouraging words.

  5. I think what you have to focus on is that at the end of the day everything you're doing is about having a healthy LIFE. . .and the immediate goals (although great) have to be realistic and match what you want out of your health.

    AND you have to start thinking about why you're not happy. What is fitting into size 6 going to do for you next week? I bet you STILL wouldn't be happy - because you'd want something more. It's not a measure of patience you're missing (I don't think). . .I think it's the idea of having a long term view of what you're doing versus a short term view.

    Paleo and CF in no way shape or form will cause the weight to dramatically fall in a way that you probably desire. But it WILL and can do other things for you - spike your energy levels, have you lift more, run faster, create better endurance, etc. . .THOSE are the things that are going to matter in your life - not whether or not you fit into your size 6 jeans. . .

    And most importantly when the zombies come (and they are coming - ha!) what size you are won't matter =)

    That being said I would urge you to have more of a long term goal. . .AND I would tell you to immediately find out where Bali is and get your body fat % tested. Use that as your guide and set goals based off of that!

  6. How do you call 8 lbs and 2 belt sizes in 10 days slow progress?? You're confusing "results" with "end result"! Bad ass eating habit!