Monday, February 7, 2011

The Positive and The Negative

I have zero self control. I hit the snooze button so many times that I do it in my sleep and I wake up two hours after my alarm went off. I sit around and watch TV until the last possible minute to get to the gym for a run or a WOD. I will sit on dirty laundry for a week and then spend an entire day doing two week's worth of laundry. If it's not a pressing matter apparently I just don't do it.

And the self control holds true when it comes to my social life.

Perhaps I should be more specific and clarify that in the last seven days of my challenge I was in two separate social situations to eat bad food and drink beer. I avoided both, stood my ground and proved a point to myself and other people that I can do it. I felt proud, I felt like I was in control and I felt like I could do it.

However I was brought down by a close friend because of peer pressure. I went to her Super Bowl party and I was sticking to my plan of not eating carbs and not drinking beer. I ate the sandwiches sans bread, I had someone prepare pigs in a blanket sans blankets and I played beer pong with water.

But then my friend started Flip Cup. She was resilient that I play with water. She teased me, she said we only live once, she said it could be my one cheat day for the month, she said everything that eventually brought me down. And I did it. I drank beer. I played Flip Cup. Granted I kicked ass at it and showed everyone up, but I did the ONE thing I did not want to do. Drink Beer. I could have had tequila and been okay. I could have had some carbs and been fine. But I drank beer.

I know I can't let this kill my spirit nor should it make me feel guilty because that's not what challenges and Paleo are all about. We all make mistakes and the important part is to transition back to the good side and start over again. Remember your mistakes and use them to make you stronger.

It's time to remember my positive friends and my positive influences. This weekend I saw hundreds of like-minded competitors who every day fight the good fight against carbs, booze and being idle. We all get up and we are good to our bodies, we constantly push the envelope and we do it because we love it.

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  1. There is nothing wrong with beer. You can definitely lose weight while enjoying beer and bread. I have a good bit of bread each day and am still losing weight. It's when we get to a point where we can slightly deviate from our diet and not miss a beat, that we have started to gain control of our minds and bodies for the better. Also, I fight the same "good fight" that you do each day and I constantly have issues with feeling guilty over eating something unhealthy.

    If you ever want to hang out or just want someone to talk, let me know. That's what im here for.