Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Khaki Was Right

I wasn't a super hero today and that's okay. Not every WOD is going to be the WOD when I Rx and get a new PR or any other abbreviated term you can think of in the gym. Sometimes I have to face the trickier movements and settle for doing them correctly with little to no weight than doing them wrong with a lot of weight. I'm not impressing anybody by doing that especially if Ray is running around the gym.

Squats have always been my weakness despite having an awesome set of legs. Whenever those squat WOD's pop up I know it's going to be a disastrous and frustrating day. I'll be doing OHS with a 25lb bar or I'll have to set a ball on the ground to make sure I get low enough on the wall balls. Today I had to go down in weight from 65lb to the 35lb bar on my squat cleans because I wasn't doing them right.

I remembered what Khaki told me yesterday and I thought about the blog posting on CFPT today and I said to myself, "Do It Right." So I did. It may have been a low weight, but I started doing them correctly and I figured out the proper movement with the bar.

It wasn't a victory on the white board, but it certainly was one for a life lesson.

For a little bit of encouragement and praise I will say that I kicked butt on the pull-ups because I didn't have to take a break in between them at all or get back on the box to re-position. I busted them out like I've been doing them my entire life. The callouses are coming along nicely, too.

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