Thursday, January 27, 2011

What I'm Thankful For

It's easy to say I'm having a tough time right now. Ask anyone who is or has been unemployed and they'll tell you it's the worst thing to go through, not only because of the lack of income but because it kills your self-esteem. When you pride yourself on your hard work and how your resume looks it's difficult to sit back and know HR people are scanning your resume and tossing it in to their Delete folder in less time than it takes to sneeze. The girl who wrote "Bitter Is the New Black" has a book deal because of her misery of being unemployed.

It's easy to say you've got it rough and it's unfair when you're unemployed because honestly it is.

But on Monday my mom had a double mastectomy. She lost her boobs. For most girls our boobs symbolize how much of a woman we are because it's the most visible part of our body that projects that are are female. We perk them up, we tie them down, we push them together, we dress them up. They get their own special apparel and a billion-dollar corporation built around selling bras.

She handled it like a trooper and I couldn't be more proud of how she's handling if. If anything she's excited because she lost 45 pounds of fat, 5 pounds of boob and when she has her reconstruction they are making new boobs out of her stomach fat. Boob job and a tummy tuck in the same operation.

So now I am taking a step back and reflecting on everything that life is giving me at the moment:
- An amazing and beyond words supportive family
- Great friends who are there to listen to me whenever I need to complain
- An apartment that I get to live in by myself
- The opportunity to get in shape with Crossfit and running
- Every silly and tangible thing I have had the pleasure to own

If you read this blog I hope that you take a couple of minutes to reflect on how much you really do have in life. Or at least feel yourself or someone else up for my mom's sake.

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