Monday, January 17, 2011

"I Used to Be Fat"

I'm sitting here watching "I Used to Be Fat" on MTV, post CrossFit workout and after making myself dinner.

The girl that is on this episode is out of control and I really hope during my first WOD with Ray I didn't act like this girl did during her first workout. I've cried three times total at CrossFit since August and all three were out of frustration that I wasn't performing or I hurt my back and had to stop (I'll get you deadlift and pushups). This girl cried because she had to run on a treadmill and had to do 5 burpees. Ummm? Really????? I hope the next time I want to b**** out of a workout I need to channel Marci and Man Up.

However, over the last few weeks I ate and drank my way through life and I'm paying those consequences now. I guess I had my fun and it definitely was worth the extra love handles (Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and WAR EAGLE) but now it's gametime. It's find a new job time. It's find a boyfriend time. It's be the cutest I can be time.

No more "oh I'll just drink beer this time" or "oh but I worked out today so it's okay."

I've learned that eating strict paleo all day, every day isn't what I'm cut out for because I'm a gigantic foodie! However, if I channel my old WW days I know I can just do portion control, use small plates, only eat carbs at one meal and it's the smallest thing on the plate. So what did I do?

I had eggs and bacon for breakfast, then vegetable soup for lunch, a yogurt pre-WOD and for dinner I had fresh whole wheat pasta, homemade mushroom sauce, chicken and asparagus.

AND I had PR'd on Push Presses.

Take that Marci...

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