Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I Am What I Eat

Anyone who knows me well enough is aware that I love food. Not love like "ooo it's delicious", but "oooo I need to make everything in this month's Bon Appetit" LOVE food. I subscribe to four -yes four - food magazines ranging from Cooking Light to Cuisine At Home and I plow through them like a coked up model sifts through Vogue.

My dream job is to work for an organization that represents food and the culinary world. Whether it's a public relations firm that focuses on restaurants, a food magazine, the food section of a newspaper, I don't care. I want to have my career focus on food. My personal life already does so why not my career?

My super dream job (and when I marry well and can afford to do it) is open a restaurant called The Supper Table. It'll be open for dinners every night and brunch on Saturday and Sunday. The menu changes every day like the average America supper table with everything from meatloaf and mashes potatoes to Italian night out to stir fry. Of course there will be consistent items on the menu for the picky eaters...

Though you can come in and dine, the primary focus will be take home food for families "on the go" with meals that are homemade, healthy and economical. Don't waste your time and energy opening a jar of Prego and calling it "spaghetti." Let me make your family homemade spaghetti sauce (squeezing the tomatoes by hand and everything) with fresh pasta. Meals will be purchased per serving and sent home in nifty to go boxes that will make Chinese restaurants jealous of their durability and shape.

To go along with this restaurant I of course need to learn to create desserts. AFter spending an unfortunate amount of time thumbing through cookbooks at the bookstore I made it a personal goal to learn how to bake. For those of you who are naive about the culinary world or you think Duncan Hines is baking enough you are very, very, very inaccurate.

I've been crawling my way up the baking ladder starting with simple chocolate chip cookies on up to macaroons. All were delicious - sometimes the batter more than the cookies - but they weren't perfect.

But today my friends I baked the perfect dessert. I made brownies. And They.Are.Perfect. Moist, chocolaty, sinfully un-Paleo friendly, perfect.

Though they aren't what I should be eating, I am proud to say to my audience that I accomplished a goal today and it feels and tastes damn good.

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