Monday, January 31, 2011

Surprise, Surprise, Surprise

They always say your body can do things you don't think it is capable of doing. The moms picking up cars to retrieve their dying child. Barney on How I Met Your Mother running the NYC marathon. (Sorry I ran out of ideas after the mom example...)

Today I defied myself and I ran 3.1 miles without stopping or slowing down. I know for a lot of people that is not a daunting distance and it really shouldn't be for any athlete. However, I haven't run more than a mile straight since the WOD that started this blog and even then I had breaks in between each round. The last time I ran that far without stopping was when I was training for a half-marathon more than a year and a half ago.

I haven't been building up my running endurance and I even just got over a cold and a hangover. I just got on the treadmill and like Forrest Gump I just started running and I didn't stop.

At first I wanted to run a mile straight. I did that and I wasn't even breathing heavy so I decided to run 1.25 miles then take a break and walk a quarter mile. I ran 1.25 and I decided to go all the way to 2 miles, not thinking I could do it.

But I did.

I made tiny milestones for myself to keep going like "run until this minute is over" and then "run another .1 miles" and it just kept going from there. Even after I ran the 3.1 I wasn't settled until I burned 500 calories according to the treadmill.

In total I ran 3.1 miles and walked .78 miles for 41 minutes and burned 500 calories.

For a normal runner that isn't something to be proud of, but today I am DAMN proud of myself.

Oh and I also ate Paleo all day and did CrossFit. It looks like I'm back on track for what this blog is all about...


  1. Great job Tori! You are giving me inspiration through your blog!

    ...and I'm so happy you ran 3.1 miles...I'm an "awful" runner and just signed up for the Warrior Dash and am getting nervous of the running aspect of it!

    Keep it up!

  2. Good Job!!!!! That is amazing! Even as a runner, I find 3.1 miles to be long. I prefer the shorter distances. lol The fact that you were training for a half marathon a year or two ago is incredible. You clearly are making strides. Keep pushing yourself!