Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Learning to Prioritize

This blog has two separate stories... My apologies it's so long...

The tsunami that just came through put a damper on my goal to kick butt at flag football yesterday, but though that door was shut an unexpected window was opened.

In place of the flag football game I decided to keep with my goal of being more social and I took up an offer that was posted on Facebook minifeed. I went to trivia to see my friend Greg who recently moved back to town and I haven't seen in forever. To my surprise another friend I haven't seen in a long time, Morgan, was there. Suffice it to say I may have gone overboard with how excited I was to see the both of them, but sometimes it's the friends you least expect to see that make the rain go away.

I am quite proud of myself for avoiding the Paleo-unfriendly chips and beer that were in abundant quantity while I participated. Being sober isn't quite so bad sometimes, I think I was actually better at trivia.

I went to bed extremely proud of myself for kicking that day's WOD, avoiding the familiar (and much missed) beer and reconnecting with friends I didn't realize I missed until I saw them.

The title of this blog, "Learning to Prioritize," is all about the events of today.

Sometimes when fate decides things are going well with your life, specifically your bank account, it decides to throw you a curve ball. BOOM you lost your cell phone and you need to buy a new one. BOOM your pet gets sick and you have to take them to the vet. BOOM you went on a shopping spree only to realize you forgot to pay your car payment that's due before your next paycheck. The usual suspects. My unwelcoming surprise came with my car and specifically the tire that's been an issue for forever. I finally took it to the shop to assess the issue and I will need a new tire. Now, I have several things on my "I need to purchase" list including vanity items like getting my hair dyed, a cute outfit for the SEC game and a new straightener. The budget doesn't allow for a new tire AND some diva shopping. So what does a big girl do when she's trying to better herself? She buys the tire and deals with wavy, mousy brown hair and clothes I've already worn. Score one for the bank account...

The other item and a significant one is my decision to leave the Atlanta Auburn Club as a Young Alumni leader. I've been grappling with this decision for several months because my heart just isn't in it anymore yet I can't stand to quit things. Today was the final straw.

Anyone who knows me knows that I am overly-committed at all times. I love being in several clubs and associations, volunteering when I can, going to CFPT and being social with club sports and trivia nights. I don't know why I insist on always being involved, but I like to think it's my passion that drives me forward. Without passion, I wouldn't be in CFPT. I would never have joined Special Olympics. I wouldn't have tried kickball. Things that changed my life came from my obnoxious habit of overly extending myself.

But sometimes, something's gotta give...

Today I planned on going to the SEC social in the later part of the evening after my WOD just to pop in and say hey. However, I get an E-Mail this afternoon that the two people in charge can't go and they want me to be the contact. Wow, that's a great opportunity, sign me up! I rush through the WOD, I don't even finish it, rush to the social... And there are maybe 15 people there, a majority of whom I see every month at the Young Alumni events. And another person was asked to be the contact as well. AND it's full of carb-friendly bar food and booze.

So here I am, I sacrificed my WOD and a potential evening off to rest and clean, all because of my naivety that the night will be a success.

It's time to get rid of the things that don't matter to me anymore and make room for the things that are so important right now. Let's make that the Supreme Goal #1 for the remainder of this challenge. If it doesn't make me go to bed feeling like I did last night after seeing Greg and Morgan, it's not worth doing.

Thanks for your patience on reading this posting, if you did.

For those keeping score, I'm three days in to Paleo and I've likely consumed a daily shipment of Tyson chicken breasts. I have worked out the last three days. My kitchen is moderately clean. Yet I have a lot of work to do on the other rooms of my apartment which is the goal for tomorrow since I randomly don't have anything planned for the evening.

Shout Out to Jasmine for still being a great support system. Also a Shout Out to Khaki for just being the amazing motivator that she is.

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