Friday, December 10, 2010

Filthy Fifty

I am mentally preparing myself for tonight's WOD as I write this post. The emotional spectrum is migrating between fear and "let's just skip this WOD..." every two seconds. Unfortunately I missed last night's ThrustOff and I was hoping to do that tonight, but Ray had other plans.

I attempted the Filthy Forty for Ray's birthday on my own one day at the gym last week. I didn't finish the last three rounds because I was exhausted and it just plain ol' sucked. So today will be a gigantic milestone to make it through this God awful workout and not die immediately afterwards. 50 Burpees? 50 Pull Ups? 50 Push Presses??? This is gonna suck.

However, I have a weekend full of unfriendly-Paleo habits so this could be me paying it forward on punishment.

Pray for me.

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