Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Long time no write

Since my last post I literally rose from the dead on Saturday and took one big step toward my future career. That's a lot to do in a few days time, just sayin'...

The Saturday cheat was to epic proportions and unfortunately I learned that I have ZERO self-control when it comes to gamedays. Instead of waiting until halftime to start drinking I sorta kinda started at 1pm (gametime was 4pm). Whoopsies. And I didn't stop until the bar shut down around... well... does anybody remember?

Even though it was a disaster in every sense of the word, it goes down as one of my favorite days in 2010 and even contending for the All Time Competition. I had an amazing time with my best friends from college watching the Auburn Tigers destroy the SCar Gamecocks and then I got to spend the evening with my future best friends, the CFPT family. It was definitely interesting to see everyone all dressed up and especially to see what everyone is like when they're drunk. To quote my love Jazzy, the CFPT family "takes their drinking as seriously as their gym." Yeah, understatement.

Great big apologies go out to anyone and everyone I made a hot mess of myself to, but apparently I was utterly charming and the worst thing I did was tell Matt being married ruins my life. He got a kick out of it though...

Since then I've been doing a pretty good job with the WOD's. Monday's workout was a little ridiculous with the Power Snatches and today's kinda sucked with the 90 pull-ups, but once again I somehow made it through the workouts when I wanted to give up and go home. All I keep thinking is, "you ran 2.5 miles! Get it together!" and it brings me back in to perspective that I can do it.

Paleo-friendly eating has fallen a bit off track, mostly because of the weekend. I fear for my next two weekends as well since they're filled with cocktail parties, pub crawls (yeah plural) and the unofficial Bills tailgate. But my goal is to eat as best I can all this week and have fun on the weekend. I'm not just indulging to indulge, these are events I don't want to miss out on. I'll probably regret not having the willpower to withstand drinking and eating, but I think the memories may be more worth it. I dunno, time will tell.

Other than that I am being very good on my budget even though it really, really sucks. I paid all of my bills with a little extra on the minimum credit card payments, I bought that stupid tire and I'm scrounging up all week to prepare for Round 2 that will be this weekend.

I cleaned my entire house and I did all of my laundry. The only thing I'm not doing a good job on is practicing the drums. Not to sound like I'm full of excuses, but I keep getting home super late or I have to rush off to something and I don't want to be banging away at 8pm with the neighbors. I need to get it together before my next lesson on Monday!

On a side note, I feel like things are going to be changing in my life pretty soon. I can't discuss too much yet for fear of jinxing it, but I think all of my hard work is going to pay off. Baby J owes me one and he's about to pay me in full, or so I pray.

I want to give a huge shout out to my CFPT family, especially Ray, Becca and Chelsey and super especially Khaki and Jasmine. Love you guys so much :)

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