Monday, July 27, 2015

All You Need is Love - and a Compliment

I'm two weeks in and I've noticed a little bit of weight loss, or so I feel in my pajama pants, but I haven't seen the scale move. It actually went up. I'm closer to 200 pounds than before I started my paleo, crazy workout schedule two weeks ago. What the fuck, right? You go backwards, not forwards, with dieting.

I text my trainer and she says the same thing as my other mentors - water weight, muscle gain, bloat, all of the above. But I'm a girl and I want results NOW.

Then yesterday I'm sitting at a client's restaurant for a work event and the owner, who I haven't seen in about a month, walks in and of course we say hello. Then randomly he blurts, "Have you lost weight?"

That was all I needed. Fuck the scale, fuck the pajama pants, fuck it all. I had someone say to me that I looked skinnier. Now those three days a week of running, Crossfit and barre seemed so worth it, and I don't miss pasta or pizza or sweets.

So sometimes when you're down and out - all you need is a little compliment to get you back on your feet, and keep those feet away from the scale.

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