Monday, March 14, 2011

Well, CrossFit is officially addicting

T-minus 4 days until my very first CrossFit competition and I've already registered for my second. I guess I'm a little over-zealous?

Every year CrossFitters across the United States begin to train and compete for the national games, and just like any sport they have to work their way up through victories. Starting tomorrow we will all compete in Sectionals in hopes of doing well enough to get to Regionals. I have a better chance of sleeping with Ryan Reynolds than I do of getting on our Regionals team! Yet I can't turn down the opportunity to compete with the other Elite athletes and try and prove myself. Maybe even get stronger? Better? Faster? The whole point behind CrossFit was to excel and dammit I will.

On a happy note... I am now acquainted with the blue band for my pullups. Boom.

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